Section J

The Building Code of Australia requires that all commercial buildings (Class 2- 9) need to be assessed against the provisions of Section J of the code.

There are two methodologies for this assessment process:

Deemed to satisfy provisions

Thermal Simulation software

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Unique Section J compliance stamp on endorsed drawings

Unique Section J compliance stamp on endorsed drawings

Zero C offers a unique range of Section J Consultancy Services focussed on the deemed to satisfy methodology, including :

Best practice ESD design advice - (Design Stage)

Extend the design of your building and go beyond the minimum compliance requirements of Section J to create a state of the art sustainable building. Sustainable buildings use less energy and water resulting in reduced annual operating costs and the people that work within these buildings are happier and more productive.

Preliminary Design Glazing / Building Fabric Assessment - (Design Stage)

The glazing / building fabric assessment part of the Section J requirements is where most buildings struggle to achieve compliance. It is much easier to make subtle changes to a building design at this stage, prior to the detailed design (including services). This unique service allows you to fine tune your design to ensure that the minimum compliance assessment runs smoothly.

Minimum Compliance Assessment and Report – Deemed to satisfy provisions  - (Permit Stage )

Provides a detailed compliance assessment report suitable for building permit applications and includes endorsement of permit drawings and standard compliance notes for use on drawings.


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